What You Need to Know Before You Skip Hiring a Coordinator

It’s Thursday and my feet still hurt from this last weekend. My shoulders are tight and I’m moving slow.

This past weekend Hello Wildflower coordinated two back to back wedding days. Although I have a team of rock star planners, coordinators, designers, and installation masters that were by my side, I’m still feeling it. I put on over 9.5 miles each day that I was coordinating, decorating, and styling…and I wasn’t alone. My team was matching me step for step. We put on a ton of miles.

Sleep…well, there was little of it. For days leading up to each of those weddings we were cleaning, packing, printing lists, and stuffing vehicles…and that was just to get to the starting line of the wedding day.

When we design a wedding we also clean it all up. So in the evening of each of those wedding days we were up late blowing out candles, packing up boxes, and stuffing our vehicles full of candle holders and sofas into the early morning hours of the next day. Just like wrapping a present, we put a bow on the end of those events. We wrapped up those wedding days, but the boxes and stuffed trailer followed us.

Wax filled candle holders and heavy boxes were transported to our warehouse over multiple trips at the start of this week. Most of those trips were accompanied by my three kids and husband. We squeezed in Caribou Coffee stops and quick meals over these non-event days that were much too full to be able to qualify as an “off day.”

And that’s just the physical stuff.

I don’t care how “simple” a wedding day is - there is still a lot of stuff that goes into it. There just is. Wedding days are emotional and beautiful and messy and captivating and so many things. They are a lot. They are always a lot.

And all I can keep thinking as I feel the weight of these miles on my body and as I keep finding additional boxes to unload is that I’m so thankful that my team and I were able to keep those miles from landing on the moms of those brides…that my trailer was filled so that they didn’t have to have one…and that my watch says I walked those miles and theirs do not (cuz walking those miles in wedding shoes and pretty dresses would have been really hard).

The couples we served this weekend were completely different from each other. They had different designs, guest counts, family dynamics, budgets, and styles, but they had one thing in common. They took action to protect and shelter their families and friends BEFORE they were in the heat of a stressful situation.

It wasn’t an accident. They were able to celebrate with their guests by design.

They gave their moms and aunts and friends the gift of being able to help where they wanted to without the heavy burden of resting everything on them. They created space to soak in a day that went by much too fast.

And even with all of the help that they received from my team, I know those parents and those couples and wedding parties are still wiped out from just the pieces of each of those days that were theirs to carry. It takes a lot to show up and celebrate. I know their plates were immensely full. I’m just so thankful that it wasn’t all on them.

Day of coordination is one of those things that is hard to spend money on. It’s hard to peek into a future we’ve never seen and know what we will need or want. It’s hard to release moments that mean so much into the hands of someone else.

Hello Wildflower helps couples celebrate and get the most value out of their wedding day.

If you’re not sure what you will need or want on your wedding day, let’s talk. Schedule a free consultation (you can do it right at the top of this website - it just takes a minute to reserve a phone call or in person meet up) and we can help you build a game plan for your wedding week (and even the days after it!) that fit.

Cheers to another wedding weekend being on the horizon. We can’t wait to do this all again!

Britni Nordine