Chandelier | 6 Light

Chandelier | 6 Light


Crystal Chandelier Rental (pictured here it the center chandelier) includes:

  • Set Up & Tear Down of the Chandelier

  • 1 Chandelier: this single chandelier can get hung in the middle of an arch alone OR if you like the style of these pictures that show 3 chandeliers hung together (where it is shown in the middle) we would recommend our chandelier bar rental.

  • Greenery & Draping not included - but we do have a way an easy way to take care of it for you. Contact us for a greenery quote. All of our greenery quotes come with 3 different price point ideas to help you find the option that fits your budget just right. Shoot us an email at to get your quote today.

Dimensions: 22 inches high | 24 inches wide

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