A la carte lamps

A la carte lamps


Lamps make a space.

They are one of the easiest to forget & overlook things and I’m telling you I always miss them when I see a space styled to the 9’s that forgot them.

Thankfully we have a massive collection of lamps that we can pick from to craft the perfect lighting for your event spaces based on what you tell us about your design and event inspiration.

This rental includes:

  • 1 Lamp (if you want more increase the quantity! The price is per lamp)

  • Extension cords (it’s the worst to find that you need to plug something in and have no way for the cord to reach. Every lamp rental includes an extension cord to make sure we can keep your lights on!

Your sitting areas, guest book table, and gift table will thank you.

Lighting draws people in and is going to make your event spaces extra inviting.


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