A love seat to help you foster comfortable conversation.

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What guests are saying about Bennett: “This is so comfortable!” … “I love those tufts!” … “I’m so happy that ______ was able to have a relaxing spot like that to enjoy!”

A welcoming piece, Bennett has an ability of making people feel relaxed and taken care of.

Want to know a secret? Bennett is one of the first sofas I hop on to at our warehouse for a quick phone call or conversation. Our warehouse is filled with sofas, but Bennett is the one that I am subconsciously drawn to. I think it’s because he is so easy to enjoy, extremely soft, and when the sun shines on him he soaks in that heat in the best possible way and makes you never want to leave his cushions.

If I were throwing an event I would throw a side table with a lamp and some decor & candles next to him, place a rug in front of him with a coffee table, and place a few chairs beside him.

I have little children and this would be the piece in a lounge where I would be able to have them rest beside me while I catch up with friends.

If I was a new mom and bringing a baby to an event this would be the couch of my dreams to find at a celebration - just because I could lay a baby blanket beside me and know that my little one was comfortable and I could give my arms a rest. Seriously. It’s the kind of thing dreams are made of.

Seats: 2-4

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