A Chair To Help You Relax & Stay Awhile.

Take Care of Guests | Encourage Conversation | Supply Supportive Seating

“What would we even do with this piece?” I hear this a bunch about Walter. His timeless shape & unique color make it difficult for some people to see his potential. However, do you want to know a little secret? If I were to pick a chair to sit in (out of all the chairs in our Hello Wildflower collection) to just relax, enjoy a great conversation with my beverage of choice, and just be all around comfortable in - I would pick Walter.

If I were throwing an event with him I would place him in a spot that greets arriving guests and then I would probably move him during the event to be close to a fireplace. I would even up the cozy factor by bringing in a blanket and having one draped over his arm or in a basket beside him that was available to make guests really feel at home.

Life is Better Together: 

Pair it with our Pool Table to help you rest your feet while you calculate your next move.

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Full Lounge Photo by Matt Lien Photography