Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions.

Let's get them answered.


What venue can I use Hello Wildflower at?

The Short Answer: Yours!

Our Services & Rentals can be booked for weddings & events at venues (or even for backyard weddings) throughout the Twin Cities & the Midwest.

We are a Preferred Vendor at Legacy Hill Farm.  

Why do I need to hire Hello Wildflower to coordinate my event when I have a friend...bridesmaid... { fill in the blank } who says they will coordinate for me?  

It's a super sweet offer and absolutely enticing for your budget...but the reality is it doesn't work & the tragedy of it is you don't get a do over on your wedding day.

The dream is to celebrate and enjoy your wedding day with the ones you love.  When one of your people step in to coordinate they are forced to step out of being present & enjoying your event.  

Those special moments you've dreamed of having them celebrate with you...they'll inevitably miss them.  

Great!  I'm Ready.  How do I Rent Decor and Book Services?

Simply Shop Our Site & Fill Your Cart.

Book Your Order Online.  If any services or rental items are unavailable for your desired date we will cancel your order & you will be refunded.

If you would like to run through the services and items that you are feeling like would be a good fit for your day you can always schedule a phone call or an in person meeting here.

How important are Hello Wildflower rentals to my event?  

We help you take care of your guests.

We've helped over 200 couples design and plan for their weddings.

Having sitting areas are not required, but they mean a lot to your guests of honor, parents, and great - grand guests.  

We all love that feeling of finding that the perfect spot is waiting for us.  Guests that feel comfortable and welcomed into your event will want to stay longer and will be more invested in every moment.

Is there a minimum purchase?

Yes, $500 is the magic number.  This allows us to provide you with the time, care, & attention that your day deserves!  

When should I reserve my items and services?

Our rentals and services are all first come, first serve and they are not venue exclusive. Our most popular items book out sometimes 2 years in advance.

Our pieces make an excellent addition to Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Senior Pictures, Engagement Photos, Family Photos, Styled Shoots, Special Events, Etc...the list goes on.  

Is there a delivery / set up / pick up charge?

With our rentals you get more than just an item.  You get an experience.  We believe in less stress and more joy, which means that we are going to deliver, place furniture, and pick up.  Large pieces will all be placed by our installation experts (weather permitting) and small items will be conveniently placed for your enlisted set up team to place.  Couples love to simplify their day by adding our team to coordinate and set up / tear down their decor.  

As an added bonus for our Legacy Hill Farm couples you do not need to have a point person present for our delivery.  We will coordinate everything and be all ready for you.

Delivery / Placement / Pick Up rates are determined based upon quantity & types of items, venue location, delivery times, and number of staff required to move your pieces.  

Is there a damage deposit?

Our goal is less stress and more joy AND SO we are going to DARE to be different.  Are you up for the challenge?  Good!  Then you are our people!  

Accidents happen...although they hurt our heart.  We ask that you treat all of our items with the utmost of care and that you keep a watchful eye on them so that they do not hitch a ride with your guests or clean up committee.  

It is our dream that we could work together and that if something were to happen that you would step forward and work with us to make it right.  So we are throwing out the typical damage policy that you would find at most rental companies, limiting your liability, and creating a way for your inner beauty to shine!  Let's build this relationship on trust.  

What if I change my mind?  Can I change my order?

Once an order has been booked we are unable to provide a reduction of that total order amount because of our unique one-of-a-kind pieces and the limited number of events that we service each year.  

You can substitute rentals of equal or greater value up to 1 month prior to your event date. 

When we say "YES" to you we say "NO" to other events, which means that we are unable to offer refunds for cancelled services.  

Additional rentals can be added to your order as long as we have them available.  

Can you find...?

You name it and we will hunt for it.  We love new inspiration and tracking down the right piece. 

What is the rental period?

Our rentals are typically for the day of your event.  However, we try to work with vendors & couples to build out the right experience for your unique event.  

Ideally, we will deliver them and pick them up from your venue on your event date.  We have an enclosed trailer & our team knows how to lift, transport, & haul our items to prevent them from getting damaged.  Pick up at our studio & warehouse are occasionally available based upon the item, rental date, venue location, etc.  

Questions about the best plan for delivery / pick up for your event?  Contact

Are you interested in adding to your collection?

Yes!  We are always looking for our latest addition.  Send us a picture of the item(s) and all the details our way.  We will then determine if it's the right fit.  Hunting for new pieces is a dangerous addiction.  We wish we could grab everything that we love, but our warehouse and bank account can only take on so much.  We look forward to seeing what temptations you send our way!