The Virginia Styled Lounge

The Virginia Styled Lounge


Ask us what our favorite piece is and it's almost impossible for us to tell you.  It's kind of like picking a favorite kid.  This styled lounge though is right up there at the top and we would love to recreate it at your event.  

At Legacy Hill Farm our absolute favorite spot to set this is under the storybook tree with the twinkle lights.  It is the perfect spot for VIP guests to stop at as they make their way to the ceremony site.  Plus, it is the most romantic sitting area in the evening under the twinkling lights there.  This versatile location will host your guests throughout your entire event.

The Virginia Styled Lounge includes:

  • Virginia Vintage Settee
  • 1 Wine Barrel
  • 1 Milan Table
  • 1 Lamp
  • 2 Lg. Lanterns
  • 1 XL Lantern with twinkle lights in it
  • Assorted candles and holders (may vary in style from what is pictured here) to build out a completed lounge.  
  • At Legacy Hill Farm this rate includes delivery, set up, & late night pick up!  Additional charges may apply at other locations.  
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Image by Jenna Mahr.