A sofa to help you get cozy.

The mountains and ski villages of Vail, Colorado have my heart and every time I see this piece it makes my heart smile because I’m reminded of that. Vail may not be the most rented piece in our collection, but it is definitely one of the coziest.

I love this piece the most when you throw a coffee table sprinkled with candles in front of it. It’s super soft fabric makes it a crowd favorite for cool evening nights.

This is definitely a dark horse piece in our collection. Most people say that when they first saw it online they didn’t think they would like it…or they for sure didn’t think they would want it at their wedding, BUT those same people are the ones that go home raving about how much they loved snuggling up on this sofa.

Seats: 3-6

Flower Image: Geneoh Photography

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