A long pink sofa to help you keep everyone celebrating.

Give Everyone A Spot | Enjoy A Night Out Together | Relax in Tufted Pink Goodness


Elly is our longest sofa and if you want to know a little secret about this piece - she’s my personal favorite. Elly came to us from Arizona and she is filled with Elegant Southwestern character that provides a hint of Tucson & Sedona joy.

She is a master at gathering together large groups…like really large groups. I’ve seen 20+ college friends all nestled around her at weddings for a big group picture and somehow she gives everyone the perfect spot for a cute photo.

I’ve also seen her filled with young families. Parents love that their little ones can cozy in around them on this piece, while they enjoy catching up with old friends.

I’ve even seen her filled with grandparents. They always tell me that they can’t believe how comfortable and happy she makes them feel.

If I were throwing an event Elly would absolutely be invited. She would most likely be placed in a spot that is a part of cocktail hour and that would also be enjoyed throughout the evening.

If weather permitted, I would put her outside on the edge of a celebration under the stars. I would put a wine barrel next to her with a candlelit geo globe on it that would amp up the romance factor and serve as a table for drinks.

Seats: 4-6



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Elly walked into our world and immediately stole our hearts.  When we thought we couldn't love a piece more than the other ones in our collection somehow Elly stepped in and stole the show.

Group Photo Image by Kelly Birch Weddings