Orange Barrel Chair with Fur

Orange Barrel Chair with Fur

from 35.00

We styled this chair with a fur and absolutely fell in love with how cozy and inviting it was for guests throughout the event.

It was such a hit that we are making it easy for you to enjoy the same experience!

Simply select if you want this piece to have a fur on it (like shown in the picture) and we will make it happen!

+ Saves you from wondering if your guests have a cozy spot to enjoy your event from.

+ Do you want this lounge that it is shown in? Hop here and grab this entire styled lounge. We’ll customize it to your taste. So if you like the fur styling we can keep it or if you want to ditch the furs no problem. We’ll make it reflect you.

Please note: this rental is only for the barrel chair in this image. All other items are not included.

Image: Matt Lien

Fur or No Fur:
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