How To Style A Wedding Gift Table: 10 Design Ideas.

In the 1920's Macy's wedding registries began & wedding gifting has never been the same.  Trying to figure out how to navigate the traditional wedding gift table?  We're here to help.  

1.  Don't Forget Your Theme.

Pull your event colors and the design of your day right through your wedding gift table.  When you do this you will create a cohesive event experience where your gift table feels like it fits & doesn't look like an afterthought.  (For Example: If you are using geometric decor on your reception tables get 1 dream geo, 1 geo globe, & 1 geo cube to sit on your gift table).  

2.  Make it whimsical.

Whoever said gift tables are boring is not my friend.  Last time I checked people actually enjoy celebrations and they also enjoy blessing happy couples with gifts to launch them forward.  Make the gift giving experience extra fun by making your gift table cute.  Is there a quote that you absolutely love...a song lyric...photographs of the two of you...balloons that say  "Thank You"... a sweet heartfelt message of gratitude from the two of you... that you could include at your gift table?  The skies the limit - just make it fun.

Pictured: Our  Industrial Round Shelf  | Image by Jenna Mahr

Pictured: Our Industrial Round Shelf | Image by Jenna Mahr

3.  Who said a gift table had to be a table anyway?

Make your gift table memorable by opting out of a table and using an industrial cart or an industrial shelf instead.  If you go with a cart you can have it conveniently set at a high traffic point that guests will be sure to spot.  Drop a piece of signage on it to designate it's purpose and you are good to go!  Choosing shelves is fabulous because they create multiple levels and a variety of spaces where gifts can be stored.  No one likes trying to squeeze a gift onto an already overcrowded table. Skip having gifts fall over each other or fight for a place.  Every package and card has a safe spot with our round industrial shelf.  Love garlands? Consider tossing one on to your gift table, gift shelf, or gift cart.

4.  Greenery & Flowers Love Gift Tables Too.

Lush greenery & fresh flowers make a gift table feel happy.  What if you had one statement bouquet of flowers that sat on your gift table in a vase? Or what if you had a flowing  garland that spanned your table?  Flowers & garlands feel substantial and are one way you can create a pretty setting fitting for all those pretty packages & cards.

5.  Lighting is Everything.

Candles are typically not the best choice for placing on a gift table - unless the candles have a very protected flame - like we achieve with our dream geo terrariums and the other terrariums in our rental collection.  An easy way to create some lighting magic is to get a strand of LED Battery Operated Copper Wire Lights and weave a strand throughout the gift table.  

6. Opting out of packaged gifts?  Cards still need a spot.  

Couples are increasingly opting out of a gift table all together in the hope that guests will mail gifts or simply bring a card.  If you expect guests may bring cards to your event make sure that you have a safe spot where they feel like they can leave them.  (For example: instead of a big gift table that could feel kind of empty we love using our round industrial shelf.  Style it with a lush green garland and an assortment of terrariums on the top shelf.   A basket or small box can then be placed on one of the shelves where cards can be placed & if gifts happen to arrive you will be prepared for them)!  Even if you are doing your best to discourage gifts from arriving at your wedding it is essential to have a Plan B option readily available to accept any surprise gift arrivals. 

Pictured: Our  Ella Buffet  | Image by Sarah Chacos

Pictured: Our Ella Buffet | Image by Sarah Chacos

7.  Opt for an elegant Buffet

If you aren't in love with a traditional table or ultra inspired by a gift shelf then a buffet is probably the perfect fit for you.  Our French Buffet, Ella Buffet, & Bree Buffet are all great options (if you aren't already using them to fill your dessert table needs).  Buffets have a captivating way of creating memorable elegant statements.  We love their height and how they get gifts elevated to a safe position.  

8.  Is there a musician getting married? Grab a guitar case. 

If yes, we love the idea of flipping open a guitar case and setting that out to collect your cards.  Place a small sign inside of it OR get a pennant banner that you can drape across it that indicates it's purpose.  If you are just expecting cards, then this should serve your gift table purpose perfectly.  If you expect some gifts too then set it next to something like our round industrial shelf, a buffet, or a table.

9.  Keep gifting convenient & protected.

Guests love easily finding where they can leave their gifts.  Make it simple by keeping your gift table in a convenient location that greets your guests.    Getting married at an outdoor venue?  Pick a location for your gifts that will be weather protected where you can be confident that gifts won't start tipping over from a wind gust...because even the "perfect" weather day can be a little bit breezy.  

10.  Show Your Gratitude.

The biggest gift your wedding guests will ever gift you with is their presence.  What a gift to have them with you on your wedding day ... to have their support... their love... their friendship.  Have you ever noticed how sometimes it is harder to receive a gift than it is give it?  I feel like that is honestly at the heart of why people don't really love talking about gift tables.  They don't really love investing in styling them and they don't really like to talk about them.  Period.  It feels uncomfortable to receive a gift, let alone a bunch of gifts, and in an effort to just ignore the elephant in the room, couples (and sometimes their families) like to pretend that the gift table will fade into the background of the wedding day.  I lovingly want to challenge you to just show authentic genuine gratitude instead of breezing past your gift table.  Your guests have thoughtfully gifted you with cards & packages and it is honoring to have a pretty place where they can leave them for you.  


Britni Nordine