How To Confidently Plan Your Wedding.

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Hello Wildflower - 

I felt the urge to pop in here today, because as I'm sure you are well aware of from scrolling through Instagram -  wedding season is launching.  And I think that can bring all the feels... Stress... Excitement... Anxiety... Joy... Inspiration... Angst.  

It's easy to feel like you have the perfect wedding plan one moment and then find yourself somersaulting straight into a wall that you didn't see coming a few minutes later.  Ouch. 

So I just wanted to send this little love note out into the world & I hope it finds you.  

It is this:  You Are Enough.

You. Are. Enough.

The beauty of who you are, your love story, and your wedding day can't be measured in a guest count, a wedding budget, or even through an insta-worthy photograph. 

When you see a "perfect" wedding day picture or hear an account from someone who just attended an incredible wedding, ground yourself in this - that perfect wedding would not have been your perfect wedding.  So don't let it steal your joy or cast a shadow over your wedding day vision.  

When you are starting to feel overwhelmed or not sure how you are going to accomplish your wedding goals:

1. Take a deep breath & release it. 

2.  Focus on what matters most.  Identify 3 things that you want to remember about your wedding day.  Now focus your energy on making sure those three things happen.  

3.  Keep your priorities straight.  Don't let the urgent tasks (the ones everyone is asking you about) or the loudest tasks (the ones that you are constantly repeating in your own mind) take up more space in your life than they deserve.  If they aren't in the top 3 things that matter most to you about your wedding day  - make a decision and go with it.  It doesn't have to be "perfect" it just has to get done.  

You've got this.  

And if you need help getting unstuck or inspired set up a time to come and see me or a time for us to chat on the phone.  Click here to schedule a time right now.  It just takes a minute to get on the schedule & to move your wedding planning forward.

Even if we've already done a consultation together consider this your invitation to conquer the next steps of your wedding planning.  I've added a new mini phone consultation option where we can reconnect, go over anything you already have booked for your day, & identify what else you might want now that you are further along in your planning.  You can book it here.

You don't have to do this alone.

Britni Nordine