This vintage settee is over 100 years old.  She is absolutely stunning & we only wish we could age as beautifully as she has.


+ Want her in a styled lounge? You can get that here!

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Meet Virginia.  A stunning classy lady who knows how to feature all of her best angles for the camera.  

Inspiring Placement:

Virginia shines when placed at the head table.  We can't wait to see her used at the head table for the two of you!  

We love seeing Virginia paired with Elly.  

This piece also is the perfect piece for wedding day photos, engagement pictures, family photos, and to provide a sitting area for special guests at your event.  

Images by Jenna Mahr Photography 


Virginia is an iconic vintage piece.  She is over 100 years old and wears her years stunningly well.  We hope we look as good as her when we reach century status!