The Lily's Cake Stands

The Lily's Cake Stands


+ Assorted Sizes & Styles Available.

+ Price is per Individual Cake Stand

+ We have a big collection of these cake stands. We have enough for your event!

You can add more stress to your day and bring in your own cake and pie stands or you can cut out the stress, slim your packing list, & let us do the hauling for you.  And THE BEST PART is you don't have to clean them at the end of the don't have to try to find a vehicle to pack them into... you don't have to be scared that they are going to break on your way home.... and you do not have to find dirty cake stands in the days following your wedding (that someone is going to have to clean - not it!).

Renting our Lily's Cake Stands are a magical experience for you and completely stress free.  

Order these beauties and you will find them sitting in your desired location on your wedding day READY for you to simply set your beautiful desserts upon and ENJOY!  AND at the end of the night these stands are going to magically disappear courtesy of our Hello Wildflower team.

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